Don’t judge a sofa by its cover!

Don’t judge a sofa by its cover! When it comes to upholstery, quality goes deeper than looks – it’s what lies inside that determines whether a sofa is truly worth investing in. The main three features of a sofa are the frame, the seating support and the filling, all of which affect its ability to retain shape and stability as well as its level of comfort. As a leading provider of sofas in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few tips on how to check the quality of your chosen sofa. 


Pillow talk: 5 tips on designing a bedroom for a good night’s sleep

While a bedroom can act as a library, office or reading room, in the end, it is a sanctuary for sleep. This space should envelop you in relaxation and comfort, so that can lay back and relax after a hard day’s work. As top providers of bedroom furniture in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few tips on how you can turn the most personal space in your home into a tranquil, sleep-inducing oasis. 


Tips on Arranging Furniture for a Designer-Looking Space

No matter the size of your room, having the right furniture arrangement will give the space a nice flow and balanced look. Arranging furniture is an art form - one which interior designers study - and will depend on factors such as the size, design and natural lighting of any room. Already feeling overwhelmed? Fret not! As one of the leading furniture shops in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia has compiled some basic guidelines which will help you transform your space into a cohesive environment.


Let the sunshine in: Fresh and easy bedroom decor ideas for summer

One of the most refreshing things you can do as a homeowner is to add a few new touches to your bedroom at the turn of the season. Summer is all about turning that cosy sanctuary in which you hibernated into a cool and rejuvenating oasis, helping you sleep better during the hot weather. As leading providers of quality bedroom furniture in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few tips below on preparing your bedroom for summer. 


Famous chefs and their home kitchens

It stands to reason that any culinary pro would only settle for the best when it comes to kitchen design! Even the most famous of chefs needs a cosy “cook nook” of their own at home where they can treat their loved ones to delicious family feasts or mouth-watering snacks. As leading providers of kitchen furniture in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares some of the most elegant kitchens belonging to celebrity chefs. 


Introducing Carmelo Delia's latest addition – Aquaclean, the revolutionary fabric treatment for busy households!

If you're looking for a family-friendly fabric that can withstand the collateral damage caused by a busy household, the team at Carmelo Delia is proud to announce our new addition: Aquaclean, the revolutionary fabric that allows stains to be cleaned using just water. As leading providers of quality furniture and sofas in Malta, we share a few facts about this fabulous fabric below.


1. How does Aquaclean work?

Carmelo Delia: Enjoy a 40% Discount and Other Gifts During Trade Fair Month

It's that time of the year again, and we're sure that many of you have already cleared your diaries in anticipation of one of the biggest annual events on the island – the Trade Fair period. During this month, Carmelo Delia will be offering 40% off our range of furniture in Malta on all new orders. We've outlined what you can expect from us and what we have to offer below.


Kitchens by Cucine Lube and Creo Kitchens

Terms and Conditions - Trade Fair Offer 2019

- Trade Fair offer is only applicable for quotes issued from 1st June 2019 onwards - Offer is applicable on complete compositions (complete kitchens, living units, bedrooms and sofas)- Offer is not applicable with any other offer - Offer is not applicable on appliances,  work tops, tables, chairs and stools -  Free prize draw upon ordering a complete kitchen or bedroom or sofa. -  Prize won is redeemable upon final payment/ delivery of furniture (depending on the genre of prize)-  Offer is valid till end of July 2019

Palette cleanser: Choosing the colour of your sofa


Investing in a sofa to complete the look and layout of your living room is one of the biggest home decor decisions you’ll ever make. As one of the largest pieces of furniture you’ll own, your sofa will also influence other future decor choices, such as the paint colour of your walls or the type of carpeting or flooring that it will rest on. The team at Carmelo Delia – one of the most trustworthy suppliers of sofas in Malta – takes a look at how and why the colour of your sofa can transform the mood of your room completely. 


1. Blues and greens

Cupid’s touch: Give your bedroom a romantic makeover with these 6 design tips