Don’t judge a sofa by its cover!

Don’t judge a sofa by its cover! When it comes to upholstery, quality goes deeper than looks – it’s what lies inside that determines whether a sofa is truly worth investing in. The main three features of a sofa are the frame, the seating support and the filling, all of which affect its ability to retain shape and stability as well as its level of comfort. As a leading provider of sofas in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few tips on how to check the quality of your chosen sofa. 


1. The frame

The joints in a frame of good quality should be screwed, glued and dowelled. Reinforcing blocks should be added for extra support to strengthen the corners. 

It’s important to avoid frames made of metal, plastic or particle board, along with staples and soft woods. The wood used must be solid and free of moisture, and should not wobble or crack. 

You can check the strength of the frame by lifting up one corner or sofa leg approximately 15cm from the ground. If you notice that the other leg is still touching the floor, then it’s likely that the sofa has a weak frame. 


2. The seating support

Before you buy a sofa, you can test the quality of its seating support by sitting on it. It should provide good support in the back and in the seat itself, and it should not sag, either. Types of seating support include:

Eight-way hand tied springs: the top choice for sofa construction. 

Sinuous springs: As this type of support system requires less space, it’s popular with smaller, sleeker, modern sofa models.

Web suspension: Alone, web suspension doesn’t provide much support; to fasten the webbing securely to the frame, it is used with a tensioner. However, it is the least preferred type of seating support for sofas. 


3. The filling

Always ask about the materials used for the filling of the sofa’s cusions and the foam density, as the latter greatly affects the quality and longevity of the sofa itself. Remember that higher the density of the filling (usually polyurethane) the firmer the cushion will feel. Low-density filling breaks down at a very fast rate, causing sags and loose fabric. 


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