5 Quirky ways of accessorising your kitchen

As the so-called heart of the home, the kitchen should be an inspirational and dynamic space in which the family can go about their daily activities, whether it’s eating a meal, cooking or even just enjoying some quality time together. As leading providers of kitchen furniture in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few original ideas of how to make your kitchen stand out and give it a personality of its own. 


1. Show some leafy love

Place some flowers or plants next to fruit and vegetable displays to create a leafy and natural kitchen vignette. For example, you can match the green and purple tones of watermelons and aubergines with blooms of similar or complementary colours. 


2. Hang pictures

There’s no reason why art has to be limited to just the living room or hallway! Brighten up your space by hanging up or arranging some of your favourite pieces around the furniture or on the walls. Failing that, or if you feel stuck for ideas, try to choose artwork that picks up the colours of the items in the kitchen. 


3. Dishware

Believe it or not, dishware can spice up the look of your kitchen if it’s arranged tastefully. Place it on open shelving instead of storing it inside cabinets, choosing items with a quirky and colourful design. 


4. Add furniture

A rug inside the kitchen? Why not! An easy way to add extra warmth and a homey feel is by adding furniture usually found in the living or sitting room. You can even add a couple or recliners or armchairs, along with a small side table – this could provide comfort while waiting for dinner to be ready or even as a cosy space to read or catch up with Facebook gossip on lazy Sunday mornings!


5. Use kitchen-themed decor

From glossy cookbooks to a display of cutting boards, your everyday accessories or kitchenware can easily serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. In fact, they have an advantage in that they can seamlessly blend in with their room’s surroundings, without looking out-of-place. 


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