Life’s a beach: Coastal style decorating for the home

As a sunny island located right in the middle of the Mediterranean, the sea has shaped so much of Malta’s cultures and traditions. If you’re one of those beach addicts that cannot stay away from the ocean’s blue waves as soon as the first heatwaves hits our shores, it’s likely that you’d want to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home. Here are a few tips on how to do it properly, brought to you by the team at Carmelo Delia, top providers of furniture in Malta. 


1.  Plan a simple layout

Modern coastal interior design seeks to convey a sense of modern sleekness by embracing a minimalist approach. In other words, this means making the function of each space the focal point. Arrange the furniture so that it catches the eye as soon as your or your guests enter the room, leaving enough space between each piece so that they can move around freely and unhindered. 


2. Experiment with both traditional and modern accents

Traditional coastal design tends to incorporate more accent pieces than its modern counterpart; however, an infusion of both concepts can result in a wonderful mix of nostalgia that leans towards the present, preventing your interior from looking too old-fashioned. Examples of traditional coastal accents would be items such as driftwood crafts or beach shells, while modern coastal accents include decorative lanterns and fabrics with nautical stripes or chevron patterns. 


3. Use colours inspired by the beach

Recreating the summery outdoors is a distinctive feature of coastal home aspiring to capture the beauty of the Mediterranean climate. Think lavender, blue and turquoise to reflect the colours of the sea, as well as aquamarine and emerald to symbolise the lush flowering of summer succulents and the changing hues of the sky. If warmer colours are more your thing, go for deep yellows inspired by the sun, or reds, pinks and light orange. 


4. Test out and combine a variety of textures

Think about how many different elements we encounter during a trip to the beach – the coarseness of the sand; the hard, stony feel of the rocks; the welcoming softness and warmth of beach towels. Recreate this tactile experience by layering lots of different textures together, using blankets, throws and plush cushions to add softness while choosing wooden pieces with rough finishes and smooth clayware as ornaments around the room. 


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