About Us

Carmelodelia provides a one-stop shop facility, whereby one finds a vast range of products, along with professional advice on how you can turn your house into a home.

About Our Products

Our products are all 100% Made in Italy, with Quality, Durability and Style on the top most priority.

Our Brands

Our brands are mainly Lube, Creo Kitchens, Faer and Loiudiced. Gruppo Lube is the mother company of Cucine Lube, Creo Kitchens and Faer which caters for bedrooms, while Loiudiced is our sofa brand which provides sofas, sofa beds and beds.


LUBE's story is one of intuition and unwavering ambition. An ambition that has been fulfilled through hard work, professionalism and commercial know-how.

Creo Kitchens

Creo Kitchens is the newly introduced Gruppo Lube brand providing both custom sized and standard sized kitchens with a more economic perspective in mind.


Faer Ambienti was founded between late 1995 and early 1996 by the Gruppo Industriale Lube. The young and dynamic company makes bedroom furniture and decorating accessories.


Born from the unusual combination of tenacity, determination and high professional nature, Loiudic&D, has a long experience in the production of stuffed furniture with high quality standards.

Our Products

Our products are custom made according to the requested requirements with regards to dimensions, design and colors. Materials and other built options are also available for the customers to materialize their dreams.


Loiudiced sofas are available in fabric and leather and other special materials


Dining tables, chairs, buffet units and side boards are available from the Lube and Creo collections.


Cucine Lube and Creo Kitchens


Office furniture is available from the Faer collection


Living units are made from our Lube and Creo kitchen components


Faer offers main bedrooms as well as kids and spare bedrooms