Top Tips On Redesigning Your Bedroom

If you think your bedroom is looking a little tired and worn out, redesigning it really doesn’t need to be a tedious or costly affair. Promise! There’s a whole load of options which are easy to roll out, where you can either save money or splash the cash depending on what you have in mind and how much time you’ve got. Here are just a few great ideas that our experts suggest.

The first thing we’d recommend right off the bat is trying out a new layout for your bedroom. Whether it’s rotating your bed, shifting it across the room, moving your wardrobe, or all these put together and more, this is a great way to start and costs nothing. Don’t like how things are looking? No problem. Just change it all back and go again, try something different with relative ease.

A more subtle alternative would be to get your hands on some new pillowcases and bedding - it’s amazing how big an impact a fresh duvet set can have. You can be drastic or low-key in your colour choice, but whichever way you go, changing the colour and perhaps even print of your bedroom’s focal point will certainly help to uplift the space. You could even get ahold of a cosy blanket to throw across the bed, adding another layer of colour and texture to your little sanctuary.

Another top tip would be to show your walls some love with a fresh lick of paint - it’ll make a world of difference. We’d suggest rolling your sleeves up, picking up a roller brush and painting it yourself—it’s low-cost that way, and you might find the process to be quite calming and satisfying once it’s done! Use neutral tones to have a cleaner, more tranquil feel, or go bold with bright statement walls if you think you’ve found a combination that works.

If you’d like to take things to the next level, decorate your walls with some beautiful art. Paintings, prints, tapestries, and so on—the possibilities are endless. This is a particularly good choice if the room is generally quite minimalist and needs some life breathed into it. Find something you love which fits your personality AND whatever interior look you’re going for.