The beauty of rustic-contemporary kitchens

Nowadays, thanks to the myriad of hybrid furniture styles out there, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice warmth or personality for modernity and all the amenities that come with the latter. All hail the popularity of Rustic Chic – ideal for an open floor plan and for small and large spaces alike. Having provided quality kitchen furniture in Malta for years now, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few reasons why this style has taken off in such popularity. 


1. Raw elements

Rustic-contemporary kitchens are suitable for those nature lovers who want to bring the beauty of nature indoors. The presence of wood allows you to feel closer to the Earth within the comfort of your own home; wooden detailing in the furniture provides an overall authentic feel to your furnishings. 


2. The unlimited potential of contemporary design

Contemporary decor balances out the darker, heavier feel of rustic design, resulting in a lighter, more open space that still feels and looks very natural. The ever-changing nature of contemporary design allows for practically unlimited experimentation, making it an ideal style to blend with another. The result is an interior that is simultaneously stylish and timeless – a beautiful, comfortable and functional space that never goes out of fashion.    


3. A warm and inviting environment

Rustic elements within a space often come with a natural colour palette, including hues such as browns, grays and greens. These shades favour warmth, preventing the room from feeling too cold and dark. The more modern features within a rustic contemporary kitchen invite some unpredictability into the space, as long as they are well-measured and well-calculated. 


Are you looking for rustic-contemporary kitchen furniture in Malta?

The team at Carmelo Delia is a huge fan of VIVIAN by Creo Kitchens – an Italian brand aimed at the open-minded and the creative when it comes to home design. Kitchens are one of the best places in the house to show off a rustic-contemporary look, and VIVIAN is a perfect example of why. Understated and functional, this model neatly brings together the old and the new, the past and the present, resulting in highly refined aesthetic and practical solutions. Door frames are well-proportioned and available in the elegant colours of honey, white or dove-gray, with exclusive brushed and pickled finishes. 

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