Jey - Creo

The JEY model is one of our most successful kitchen models; its refined freshness and elegance never fails to amaze. It has a handle built into the door, making it uniquely easy to use, highly characteristic and giving it a strong personality that allows you to freely express your imagination.
With its handle formed out of the door profi le, the JEY kitchen offers a minimalist design combined with the functionality of a handle-free kitchen. It is enhanced by natural wood and solid colour fi nishes that coexist in harmony.
JEY offers the image of a kitchen with clean lines, for modern spaces that give rise to refined and precious solutions. It provides the kitchen area, which is ever-increasingly associated
with the living room, with a customised stylistic solution that allows you to create a unique living space.
The detailing of the JEY door is the result of careful research into wood fi nishes and matt finish colour blends. Register pore doors can be matched with solid colour doors because the handle grips and edges of the latter are in the same wood fi nish as the wooden doors.
The impeccable design of the JEY kitchen conceals numerous design solutions and a lot of modularity options, without compromising on its contemporary and minimalist lines. The handle grip is very practical to use as well as creating prestigious aesthetic solutions.

  • Brand - LUBE
  • Type - MODERN