Roll up the partition, please: Awesome room divider ideas

Open-plan living spaces are becoming more popular than ever, thanks to numerous benefits they offer such as shared spaces for families as well as natural light and air flow. However, many feel the need to create separate spaces for the sake of a little intimacy or privacy. Read on to discover a few unique ways of integrating room partitions in your own home, brought to you by the team at Carmelo Delia - one of the most trusted furniture shops in Malta. 


1. Use a piece of furniture

Functional pieces such as bookcases, elongated shelving and even TV units can easily distinguish rooms from each other. If you’d like to use a bookcase, you can add locking wheels to it, so you can roll it from one place to another in case you decide to change its position later on.  You can even arrange different pieces of furniture back-to-back (a sofa and a table, for example) to create a border between spaces. 


2. Place a display cabinet between rooms

Fill your display cabinet with some of your favourite objects, such as sculptures, potted plants, sea shells or photographs, and use it to separate two rooms from each other. Like this, you can create a partition that is stylish as it is functional!  


3. Build half walls

If you’re looking for a solution that is more permanent, you might want to consider building half walls. They don’t have to be boring, either – you can put enclaves in to hold decorative items, or have windows fitted to allow some extra light to shine through. 


4. Hang curtains

Create some drama and division with drapery (pardon us for the alliteration!) Curtains can add a soft, luxurious division between spaces, even lending a sensual and whimsical feel to the immediate surroundings.  


5. Place an island counter in the kitchen

A kitchen island not only separates the kitchen from the living area, but it also creates an entertainment point where you can treat guests to drinks or snacks. 


6. Make the most of accessories

Separate two areas with palm or ficus trees, or place an aquarium on top of a cabinet to add some biophilic flair. If you’re into DIY projects, get hold of an old wooden window frame and insert decorative ceramic tiles into it. Use a metal chain to hang your new creation from the ceiling!


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