Modern or Classic? Choosing the right kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means that you need to put plenty of care and attention into designing it. When making these all-important decisions about your kitchen, you need to decide whether you’re going down the modern route or something on the classic side - both are massively popular, timeless styles. Here are a few key things  we think you should consider when you’re creating your dream kitchen.

So, the first question is usually this: what’s the difference between a modern and a classic kitchen? In short, the latter generally involves plenty of real wood, perhaps with a stone- or marble-finished table and some detailed textile patterns, perhaps with a rustic twist. The classic style is a fantastic fit for anybody interested in a more elegant, sophisticated looking kitchen. Modern kitchens, however, are more clean-cut. They often incorporate minimalist designs, adding to the tranquil vibe they give off. There are many subtle details which come together to give that overall sleek-yet-effortless look, such as the implementation of handleless, soft-close cupboards and the avoidance of any busy patterns.

An important point you need to think about is that classic furnishings tend to age better than their modern counterpart. It can quite easily be painted over, for example, to breathe new life into your older appliances or furniture. This isn’t quite as straightforward when it comes to overly trendy modern furniture, which will oftentimes look dated within around ten years - so do remember to pick classic pieces that’ll stand the test of time.

With all that in mind, personal taste is absolutely paramount  for any home design, and he kitchen is no different. Do you love the vintage feel of a classic-style range cooker with copper pots and pans? Then go for the traditional style with your range cooker being the focal point of the room, highlighting your copper cookware by hanging them up on a wall-mount. Perhaps you prefer the straight lines of a clean cut minimalist design, in which case modernist furnishing is an obvious choice. If you’re really torn then you could get the best of both worlds by incorporating elements of both into your kitchen—the possibilities are endless. Make it yours.