Enter the man cave – 4 tips to creating the perfect bachelor’s kitchen

Whether you’re looking to complete a stylish bachelor pad or simply want to impress your guests with your culinary skills, a kitchen with a masculine look definitely makes a statement. Long gone are the days when women were expected to do all the cooking – nowadays, the kitchen has become the domain of both genders. As experienced providers of some of the best furniture Malta has to offer, the team at Carmelo Delia shares a few ideas below on how to create the ideal masculine kitchen space. 


1. Choose the appropriate colours

Classic or neutral palettes are key to tying a theme of masculinity together. Opt for darker shades such as soft greys and browns, as well as black or navy blue. To create a balance and prevent the room from appearing overly dull or dark, choose accent hues of beige and white. Saturated reds or royal purples are also two colours that offer guy-friendly contrasts. 


2. Aesthetics vs efficiency 

Overall, men seem to favour spaces which allow work to flow in a machine-like, efficient way. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Recent surveys discovered that mitred countertops and high-contrast palettes are hugely popular with single men looking to upgrade their kitchen.  Think dark cabinets in black or charcoal grey for a look that is both smoky and sexy. As for designs, the industrial / modern look tends to be a big hit due to its clean and sleek appearance. Avoid a cold or unwelcoming atmosphere by adding traditional or contemporary elements to give it more charm and character. 


3. A mix of textures

Give preference to surfaces that are hard and rough, with an unweathered, rugged look; on this note, consider a mix of materials such as unfinished wood and stone. Metallic finishes can work wonders when incorporated through lighting fixtures or small kitchen accessories. Add warmth with warmer metal tones like gold or brass.


4. Male-friendly ergonomics

Leave plenty of room between workstations – men tend to cook more with other people, which means heavier traffic and therefore calls for more elbow room. Go for counters with greater heights along with kitchen hoods that are higher set. 


Carmelo Delia has been distributing quality furniture in Malta for over twenty years, supporting brands of the highest standards and stellar reputations. Cucine Lube is one such name, catering for models in both modern and classic designs. Lube kitchens come in materials that range from solid wood, glass, laminate and many others, steeped in charm and functionality. For a more cost-effective solution, we also offer the Creo Kitchen range which includes all essential built-in appliances. For luxurious, stylish and unique kitchens in Malta, look no further than Carmelo Delia. 


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