Funky Ways to style your living room this Autumn

As the days get colder and the nights get longer, adding a bit of warmth, colour, and comfort to your living room will help to ease the harsh transition into winter. Here are just a few ways you can breathe life into your home with a cosy Autumn living room this season.

Keep costs down and get quick results by adding accents of autumnal shades to your living room. You can get ahold of some lovely burnt-orange cushions and blankets for your chairs and your sofa. Throwing in a few red-toned coffee table books would help add character and colour to boot — the attention to detail here definitely won’t go unnoticed by your guests! One more thing you might want to consider is getting a set of copper-coloured curtains. These warm hints of colour are subtle, but they’ll give even a neutral room a warm, cosy atmosphere if you don’t want to splurge on a new set of furniture to get a fresh look to match the season of change.

Alternately, you could go for more of a forest theme. Let earthy shades of brown together with some light smokey grey tones dominate the overall palette. A soft charcoal vase or two filled with bright flowers, together with a few copper ornaments here and there, will help to give your living space just the right colour balance. If you go for this colour scheme, add a few animal-themed art pieces — whether it’s a simple framed print of a fiery red fox or a wooden sculpted elephant, use this decor to let your tastes shine through. 

Of course, there are more work-intensive routes to take if you don’t mind the extra time or expense. Cleaning up your fireplace (if you have one) would  certainly give your living room a new lease of life and create a focal point for the space; consider painting it stoney grey and keeping a rustic basket filled with  firewood or blankets a safe distance from the hearth. If you opt for a new sofa, go big and bold with velvet fabric. This is a slightly more unusual choice than most typically go for, but it’ll be the perfect addition to your cosy Autumnal living room if you’re willing to put the right amount of care and thought into it.