Four fabrics to suit every lifestyle

As Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” People have been expressing their individuality through their homes since time immemorial; stepping into someone’s house often gives you a sense of their tastes and personality. As a long time and highly respected provider of quality furniture in Malta, our team at Carmelo Delia shares different upholstery fabrics to suit the most common of lifestyles. 


1. The Couch Potato

On Saturday nights you’re usually found vegging out in front on Netflix, popcorn in hand and wearing your favourite set of PJs. Choose fabrics that are warm and inviting, one that will add to a cosy and homey atmosphere. Microfibre coverings provide a texture which is both soft and velvety, perfect for long periods of lounging and lazing about. They’re also hypoallergic, which means that dust and other irritants are prevented from sinking into the furniture. 


2. The Animal Lover

Your best friends all have four feet and even though they don’t speak the same language as you, they understand you better than anyone! Unfortunately, they do tend to be rather messy, leaving fur behind them wherever they choose to sit. Choose fabrics that are the same colour as your pet’s coat; coverings that are durable are ideal, such as heavyweight leathers or certain woven textiles.


3. Single and Unattached

Carefree, single men living on their own could certainly do worse than a luxurious leather sofa. Bold, stylish and comfortable, leather has many benefits that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. It offers a unique, natural blend of elegance, softness, and resistance. 


4. The Yuppie

As a young professional who’s just bought their first home, you want everything to look – and feel - right too. Again, you can’t go wrong with leather; it goes with a variety of colours, patterns and materials, and suits a modern and youthful design. Consider polyurethane – it’s very easily to clean and is highly resistant to cracking or fading over time. 


High quality sofas in Malta aren’t always easy to find, however you can rest assured that with Carmelo Delia, you’ll be offered a selection of products that meet only the highest of standards

We’re proud to support LoiudiceD, a brand from Italy with collections that are available in a wide array of fabrics and leather. From a selection of different colours to refined materials, there’s a sofa for every kind of lifestyle and individual. Products also come with a number of accessories, such as elements of beech wood or metal forming the base and legs; expanded polyurethane is used to fill headrests, fixed on stainless steel supports. 

Contact us today to find out more about the sofas in Malta we provide – our helpful and friendly team will be more than willing to help inspire you and create the beautiful home you deserve. Remember to follow us on Facebook for updates and offers!