Home is where it feels like you: basic interior accessorising tips

So you’ve furnished your house with the most beautiful furniture in Malta - congrats! But just when you thought you were done, it feels like something is missing – the final touches that make the space feel truly yours. And accessorising is the easiest way to really let your personality shine and bring your space to life. Let’s start with a few basic tips to end up with a space that looks like it’s been styled by a top interior designer!


1. Choosing a focal point

The focal point is the first thing your eyes land on when entering a room. This could be a fireplace, a beautiful window, or an architectural feature. If you don’t have a natural focal point, create your own – for instance through an accent wall, and when possible, build the furniture arrangement around this focal point.


2. Colour

Before selecting accessories, you’ll need to decide on a colour scheme; be mindful of the shades you use if you want to achieve a high-end look. Give yourself a calming, neutral canvas to work with, then inject pops of colour and personality. Choose one or two colours for your accessories that don’t clash with your furniture and wall colour. Accessories are a great way to play up the theme of a room, the key is to keep your overall look in mind to achieve a cohesive look.


3. Make it pop

If you love colour but don’t want your space to look like a Tutti Frutti explosion, inject unexpected pops of colour through accessories: a bold cushion to your neutral sofa or a geometric rug underneath it to serve as the room’s showstopper. Using contrasting colours will add vibrancy to the space, and placing them against dark wallpapers in small areas will create a dramatic, glamorous look. The trick is to inject bold colour here and there, so if you like purple, add it here and there, rather than going overboard and painting the whole house in it. 


4. Create a space that’s neither too sterile, nor too cluttered

Finding the right balance for your space is all about having a knack for creating something that falls between clinical and a cluttered jumble sale. Keep the small accessories away; not only do they have little impact, but whether clustered together or scattered around a room, they look like clutter from a distance. Instead, go for medium to large accessories to get them noticed. 


5. Add visual interest

Mixing size and height in accessories adds visual interest to your design. Rather than placing everything on one side, create balance by scattering accessories in the accent colour in at least three places around the room to create visual movement. 


The great thing about accessories is that you can easily change them, and with that, you can also adapt the feel of the room without incurring major expenses.


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